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Send and receive text messages from your computer with our powerful web SMS system. Refreshingly simple, fast and very low cost – our Wholesale SMS service comes with secure tools to help make your text messages go further and produce more impressive results.

  • Analyze your traffic
  • Enjoy elastic capacity
  • More Secure,low latency
  • Bi-directional Unicode support
  • API & SMPP Integrations
  • Switch with Tech support

To send SMS messages you can use our online Web Tools or connect using one of our APIs. The Web Tools are available through our newly designed Customer Portal. Once you sign up you'll gain access to the portal. It's quick and easy to get up and running, you'll be sending messages to your customers in a matter of minutes.

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We understand - Every SMS Matters

We understand , that time is precious. Occasionally, you may need to send a message

Only pay for what you SMS Consume, nothing more.

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