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OTP denotes a one-time password, and it is usually used for transactions, email ID sign-in, or any app login. If you have a business that demands OTP from customers, you can select OTP SMS services. RPI InfoTech provides 2 Factor Authentication with Send OTP function to its users. You can allow mobile number verification, 2-factor sign-in, and many other essential tasks through OTP secured transactions. It delivers improved security, and RPI InfoTech is a dedicated OTP service platform.

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  • More Secure,low latency
  • Bi-directional Unicode support
  • API & SMPP Integrations
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OTP SMS is the practical method validating user details and verifying the electronic transaction. Businesses use it to eliminate cyber fraud phishing forgery and enhance data protection. We ensure that the users get OTPs to deliver on time to the authorized customers through bovine calls and SMS. It will help in spam elimination, password reset, account reactivations, transaction verification, password login, and many more.

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