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RP InfoTech is a giant in delivering cost-effective bulk SMS services all over India. We have Promotional SMS, which can create your marketing efforts efficiently and profitable. You can motivate your clients and improve your customer base through our Promotional SMS campaign.

  • Analyze your traffic
  • Enjoy elastic capacity
  • More Secure,low latency
  • Bi-directional Unicode support
  • API & SMPP Integrations
  • Switch with Tech support

We ensure that your business touch on high ROI, sales, and revenue. It is a quick, budget-friendly, and user-centric method of marketing. Pick the Promotional SMS route according to your business expectations. Be it customer involvement or bulk SMS promotion; we can provide you promotional SMS plan based on your needs.

All scale businesses use Promotional SMS because they know that there are no boundaries for location, and they can reach potential customers all over India anywhere.

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We understand - Every SMS Matters

We understand , that time is precious. Occasionally, you may need to send a message

Only pay for what you SMS Consume, nothing more.

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