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Bulk Shortcode SMS Services Provider company in Delhi

Bulk SMS Marketing India has become one of the most popular methods to create an image of your brand amongst your customers. SMS stands for "Short Message Service" and these messages are basically sent between two devices, basically, a phone, a computer, a tablet, etc.

Here are a few tips to make your Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns successful:

Get Permission from Users:

It is very important to take permission from yours users to send them text messages. Otherwise, you're just spanning people, which might not be of any benefit to your brand. Bulk Shortcode SMS Services Provider company in Delhi

1. Always Know The Rules:

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) asks the SMS Service Providers In India or SMS marketers to include "Msg & data rates apply" in their auto-reply message. Although, whichever marketing service you choose will add this disclaimer automatically, however, it's on you to ensure that it's included in your message.

2. Keep a Watch on the Frequency of Messages:

It is recommended to start your SMS Marketing Campaign in Delhi with 4-5 messages a month and slowly increasing your messaging frequency to 10 or more a month. Overloading your users with Text Messages is not a good idea as they can feel annoyed resulting in blocking you on their phone. Bulk Shortcode SMS Services Provider company

3. Keep Messages Short and Sweet:

Limit your message length to a maximum of 160 characters and keep them sweet to read. Make your users feel connected and don't forget to include a call to action in your Text Messages.

4. Timings of Sending an SMS is Important:

When it comes to sending text messages to your audience, it is important to think about their daily habits. Like, when are your users be likely to be on their phones. It is of no use to send your users a text message during their sleep hours or when they are likely no to respond on it. Bulk Shortcode SMS Services Provider company

5. Keep it Fun:

Text Messages are an informal channel to interact with your customers. It's always better to include games, polls, promotional content, interactive content, and one on one conversations in your SMS campaigns in Delhi. Give your users an opportunity to make memorable customer experiences with you. Bulk Shortcode SMS Services Provider company

Your SMS Campaign should connect with your email, social media campaigns to improve your customer experiences.
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