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RP InfoTech provides uninterrupted and quick transactional SMS services to its users. Transaction SMS conveys urgent information to users related to services and goods. Businesses and banks usually use Transactional SMS to exchange the movement and action performed by the consumers.

  • Analyze your traffic
  • Enjoy elastic capacity
  • More Secure,low latency
  • Bi-directional Unicode support
  • API & SMPP Integrations
  • Switch with Tech support

You may have experienced the SMS from an online shopping site that may include order confirmation, cancellation, update, delivery status, transaction receipt, and many more. Organizations and financial institutions select transaction channels to convey non-promotional Bulk messages to both DND and non-DND numbers round the clock. There is no need to get sanction to send a transaction message.

RP InfoTech is a renowned Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi, and it has a great client base. It has served businesses and individuals for the past 7-8 years. Our customers are delighted with our services because we have helped them grow their business and customer relationships.

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