Automate and optimize outbound and cold calling procedure by RP Infotech bulk Voice

RP Infotech Simple, Secured and Userfriendly interactive Bulk voice were we enable our client's to interact with their customers, promote businesses and engage them through voice call solutions with 30SEC pulse audio recording script.

  • 12+ Direct Operator Connections
  • Voice API Integrations
  • Full Secure,low latency
  • Real Time Reports

Voice Features

Leverage RP's Enterprise-grade Voice Solutions

Voice Broadcast (OBD)

Overcome language and literacy barriers with localized and customized content, in a language your audience understands and relates to.

Voting and Polling

Allow your customers to express an opinion or take a decision with the pre-call notification (PCN) or missed call based product that lets your customers participate and register their votes at zero cost.

Call Masking

Ensure confidentiality and security of customers while patching calls between multiple parties without compromising the actual numbers and an additional authentication mechanism (PIN) for privacy.

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