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Nowadays rarely can we spot someone without a mobile phone. People are either talking over a mobile phone, or drafting/reading SMS, playing games, listening music, taking photos/videos, browsing net etc, thus making it an inevitable part of modern life. The mobile subscribers and service providers are rapidly increasing day by day. Latest records indicate that by the end of 2016, the total number of mobile subscribers in India will cross 100 crores.

That means nearly 80% of the total population in India will be using mobile phones. Recent surveys & studies reveal that mobile subscribers in India will rapidly increase in the coming years, each of them having at least 3-5 mobile connections. 

It is here that the advertiser gets a new platform to reach potential customers through SMS Marketing or Mobile Marketing. Mobile Marketing is an innovative technique that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience/customers in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.

Dynamic Messaging

Our Dynamic messaging allows you to send personalized message to each recipient; you can upload CSV or TXT File. Example : Dear #dynamic value# Your Pending Amount is #dyanmic value#

Our System will automatically replace the value with the correct value in your excel or text sheet and sends to the corresponding recipient

Message Delivery & MIS Reports

Scheduled Messages

Industry First Unlimited Scheduling Option allows you to schedule messages to any date and time.

Get SMS templates for creating campaigns. SMS Templates allow you to save any number of pre-defined messages and can be inserted into the message with a click.

Our Unique and most useful option – You can Save any Messages as Campaign by giving a Name, This campaign can be started later by just a Click OR an SMS

Network Connectivity

Our SMS gateway offers you wider coverage than any other SMS provider delivering messages to 800 network operators in 200 countries.

When it comes to message delivery, we are totally network independent, our message delivery undergoes sophisticated load balancing, and our intelligent routing technology will seek out the lowest cost international routes. (Tie-up with 13 International local SMSC’s)

API & Third Party Softwares

Our Robust & Powerful API’s enables you to deploy messaging platform into your existing infrastructure or any 3 rd party Software or Applications Compatible with all Software Platforms (PHP, ASP, .NET, JAVA, C , C++, VB)

Apart from API Connectivity we can also Provide SMPP Connectivity, FTP Upload, Database Drop or any Custom Made Connectivity Type to meet your requirement.

Build brand identity with our Short Code service

Short code is a 5-9 digit alphanumeric code which is used by many brands to promote their business, increase conversion rate and build brand identity. With our Short code service you can provide your customers an easy and effective way to reach your brand. These Short codes can be used in transactional SMS, promotional SMS, Voucher SMS, website product, and all social marketing channels to highlight your brand.

Dedicated Shortcode

Get a 5 to 9 digit short code with a choice to select from unlimited keywords and create your own brand identity.

Example: MSG to 56263

Build Database

Use your short code on brochures, banners, , website, and social media channels to let new customers opt-in to your offers.

Example: JOIN to 56263

Provide Information

Use Short code to provide valuable information to customers like pricing, discount, offer validity, and much more.

Example: OFFER to 56263

Collect Information

Collect user information in a creative way via SMS using our Short code service and build your customer database.

Example: SEND <Name><DOB> to 56263

Why choose Bulk SMS service for marketing?

Marketing holds a key role in promoting a product or service. With strategic planning & mass advertisement campaigns we can sell products even if it is of low quality. Today there are many ways to market a product/service.

One of the best, cost-effective & targeted advertisement platform is SMS Marketing as mobile has become an inevitable part of our life. Promotional SMS will be delivered right to the customers’ mobile phones and they can use the information at any time they wish as the message will be saved in their phone.

SMS Marketing is useful for all types of businesses for targeting the local customers. With the help of Bulk SMS Campaigns you can increase your sale by 200% in just a couple of days during the festivals or promotions. We,  provide Bulk SMS Service in all parts of India.

SMS Marketing is also highly useful to the customers as they can contact the shop directly for checking the availability/clarifications/queries etc just by clicking either on the phone number provided in the message or the website if the customers’ cell model supports browsing. When out of stock items become available, this can also be alerted to the particular customer who demanded it; thus gaining the trust and also enhancing the relationship with the customer. As the success of any business depends to a large extend on this relationship factor, SMS Marketing is thus sure to boost the sales since the satisfaction of the customers are often optimum here. This optimal satisfaction helps in lowering the internal customer care calls.

TRANSACTIONAL: Only Transactional related messages contents as prescribed by TRAI are allowed through this route. Instant & 24 x 7 Delivery to DND Numbers along with 6 Characters Sender ID available.

MARKETING: This route is very economical and specialy designed for bulk marketing campaigns and all other features are same as Normal Route but delivery timings are different in this route, messages triggered through this route will take 0 – 3 hours to deliver.

INTERNATIONAL: This route is designed for delivering messages globally. We can delivery your messages to 180+ Countries & 800+ Networks Globally. Delivery Terms, Timings, Availability of Sender ID’s, Message Content, Screening will done as per each country local rules and regulations.

WEB:  An extremely easy to use web application enables you to send SMS from anywhere by simply logging into the web interference.

HTTP API: One of the easiest and widely used API to integrate messaging platform into the 3rd party applications and fully compatible with all programming languages. Easy to Integrate | Comprehensive Documentation | DLR Report API & Much More..

XML: Sending Bulk Messages and Dynamic Messages made much easier than ever with our XML API’s. Now no need to call 1000’s of API to deliver dynamic messages just call our dynamic XML API once to deliver all your personalized messages.

SMPP: One of the widely using open source messaging protocol to deliver large number of messages. Best for SMS Aggregators or those who having huge volume

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Grab the advantage of our Bulk SMS Service, Bulk Voice Call Service, Shortcode Service, and Digital Marketing to give a big boost to your business. 



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