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Integrated system to send Voice SMS across the globe 

Voice SMS Service Provider in Delhi

Voice SMS technology automates bulk voice calls to your clients and plays pre-recorded messages. Bulk Voice SMS service in Delhi can dial out a list of phone numbers to give a common message. These services are also able to gather touch-tone inputs from your end-users which enables you to measure the response of your Bulk Voice SMS Campaign in India.

Voice SMS Platform from RP Infotech is based on latest technology trends which make our team efficient in handling Bulk Voice Call Traffic in India for both inbound as well as outbound service models. Our Bulk Voice Call platform in Delhi has all the features for outbound dialers.

We provide you with a modular and scalable platform which can be customized to suit requirements of the enterprises. Our voice broadcasting services will help you reach a large audience in their regional language to create a personal touch.


Our powerful Voice SMS API is the core of our voice broadcasting service. Multi-lingual Voice APIs can also be integrated to send Voice SMS in different regions to expand your audience.

Outbound Dialer Solutions

We you with a choice to select the numbers you want to make a call on a daily basis.

You can also get your messages recorded in your own voice and send the same to your contacts.

You can also upload a clip or text which will be automatically converted to speech. Further, this can be immediately transferred to the groups or individuals in the form of automated phone calls.

Record and Send from Anywhere

Our services enable you to send urgent broadcasts or multicasts from anywhere as the office, internet, or computers are not needed for sending Bulk Voice SMS India.

You can call on our specific numbers to record your message and schedule it for the group members.

We provide you with API integration solutions, boundary-free functionality, hassle-free operations, transparent pricing, smooth communication, voice translation facilities, clarity, and numerous voice SMS solutions.

All these features make us one of the Best Bulk Voice SMS Service Providers in India.

Expand your Audience

With our multi-lingual Voice API, you can send Voice SMS and engage with people from different regions, even with people who cannot read and write.

Voice SMS is a great way to interact with your audience and more likely to convert them as it gives an emotional touch compared to plain text messages.

We assure 100% guarantee to deliver all Voice SMS to recipients with zero lag and flawless connectivity.

Cost-effective Service

Voice SMS is a great way to increase your business productivity. With a good customer database (likely to convert) you can send thousands of Voice SMS at a time and increase your sales.

Our Voice SMS service super affordable and even with a low-budget, you can start your campaigns on our platform.

In our credit based system, you will only pay charges for call that gets connected (No hidden fee).

Why choose us for Voice SMS Service?

Voice SMS Services Delhi has become an effective marketing tool these days. If the message is converted in the local language it is able to attract more users. Outbound dialers are a perfect option if you want to promote your business by word of mouth.

With our Voice SMS service your can carry out political campaigns at ease. Voice SMS marketing is also the best way to generate new leads with minimum investment. Voice SMS is also a great way to get survey/feedback and send welcome/thank you messages to your customers. Our interactive Voice SMS broadcasting has proven to get 3X better ROI.

Our Voice SMS Service can be used to alert users regarding transaction related operations such as Pending dues, Debit or Credit information, and much more. They can also be used for election voting awareness and related campaigns.

You can promote your products and send attention seeking Voice SMS offering discount for customers to opt-in and make a purchase. 

Promotional Voice SMS has proven to be very effective for product marketing and campaigns. Since it targets specific audience within your niche, they are more likely to get better conversion.

Our Voice SMS Service has been the best for businesses to generate new leads through an interactive and highly appealing method of sending information via voice broadcasting. 

Moreover, our multi-lingual voice API helps you to get connected with your audience and share your message in their regional language. This in turn, builds an emotional bond with your customers and they more likely trust your brand/service.

Grow Big with our Bulk SMS Service

Grab the advantage of our Bulk SMS Service, Bulk Voice Call Service, Shortcode Service, and Digital Marketing to give a big boost to your business. 



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