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WhatsApp Business API
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About the Whatsapp API

WhatsApp API is an application programming interface (API) that allows businesses and developers to integrate the WhatsApp messaging platform into their own applications or software. The API provides access to various features of WhatsApp, including sending and receiving messages, media files, and documents, creating and managing groups, and accessing user profile information.

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Important Facts

  • The WhatsApp API is a platform that allows businesses to communicate with their customers using the WhatsApp messaging app.
  • To use the WhatsApp API, businesses need to apply for approval from WhatsApp and follow the platform's guidelines and policies.
  • Businesses can use the WhatsApp API to provide customer support, send notifications and updates, and automate certain tasks.
  • The WhatsApp API is available for different pricing tiers based on the number of messages sent per month and the type of message (e.g. text, image, video).
  • The WhatsApp API is a secure platform that encrypts all messages, and businesses must comply with data protection laws when using the platform.

By using the WhatsApp API, businesses can communicate with their customers more effectively, providing support, sending notifications, and even automating certain tasks.

It's worth noting that the WhatsApp API is only available for business purposes and requires approval from WhatsApp before it can be used. Additionally, there are certain guidelines and policies that must be followed when using the API to ensure that it is used in a responsible and secure manner.


Improved customer engagement: By using the WhatsApp API, businesses can communicate with their customers in real-time, providing support, answering queries, and sending notifications and updates. This can lead to increased engagement and loyalty from customers.

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